Shall we all play a song together?

My perverse mind thought of recording a song where each of us puts some notes, or sound, or rhythm or whatever he wants of his own… I make myself available to insert the tracks and mix them to the best of my possibilities.
We need to find a simple song that allows us to insert many sounds… everyone records his part and then I put it all together with MixBus.
I’ve read that here there are also percussionists who play in the orchestra, there are guitarists, bassists and keyboardists… We could create a song that could enter the Zynthian as a demo and become the “soundtrack” of this jewel…
I’m available. :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard:

Meanwhile, with a friend from Bologna we recorded this song that lacks drums (with brushes).
All sounds are Zynthian apart from the double bass (Trilian), the MiniMoog (Arturia) and the guitar (Les Paul).


Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ :smiley:

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Don’t get influenced by Zappa’s version.

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An “electronic” version of the Bolero could be interesting…
With Zappa’s musicians, even the ugliest piece in the world would be interesting…

I think this is a fantastic idea. I’ve actually engaged in this kind of thing before. Precious memories.

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At this point it would take a percussionist or drummer to make a nice loop and put it here on the Forum as an Mp3 file (specifying the BPM). I will immediately create a project with MixBus, so knowing how many measures everyone has available, everyone can record his part with the sound he wants and publish his Mp3 file. With each publication, I will add each file in the project (which I will update on the site). Come on!