Show CC2 on Control Screen

For wind controllers CC11-Expression is fixed, and the volume control comes from Breath-CC2. On the Control Screen the current value of Expression is shown, but I’d like that to show CC2. Is there a way of changing the screen?

I know I can map Breath to Expression but that’s not the proper way to do it.


What engine are you using? Does it support breath on CC2 ?

Fluidsynth controllers can be tuned with a YML file, but this is not implemented on Sfizz & Linuxsampler yet.

Of course, if the engine itself has support for breath on CC-2, i would add it to the default controllers :wink:


I’m using Fluidsynth, and the soundfont has to be configured for wind and has the have the velocity max volume limitation removed. Fluidsynth just “works” with CC2 providing the soundfont has been configured properly. It would be just nice to be able to substitute CC2 for CC11 on the control screen…


Then you should try the YML config file. Create a file like this on the soundfont folder:


and put this content inside:

sf2_file: "ModSynth_R1.sf2"
  midi_cc: 2
  value: 64

This doesn’t removes the CC11, but adds the CC2.


Worked beautifully when I put the file in the soundfonts/sf2 folder (not the one above it).

It produces an “Extended #1” item on the control screen which shows the CC2. I changed the default value to zero.



hallo @jofemodo
there is some positive progress in implementation YML files on Sfizz and LinixSampler?