Silly experiments with not reading the instructions


  1. Encoder socket wrong way round.
    If you do this you will have to swap over the connector on the encoder board. Otherwise you will have a zynthian that will freakishly do lots of crazy menu on turning the encoder, and nothing on the press button.

  2. Symmetric capacitors
    Putting in the caps symmetrically the Two squarish ones on outside of board will produce encoder response that will track one way but not the other.
    It does work without the caps (YMMD) and swapping them round is an exercise in futility . . .:smiley:

I did not say this I was not here…

Hello @wyleu,

so your sample and hold chip you mentioned in the other thread just had to be burnt in…

some thoughts:
do another project with what’s left off, or even a public art installation with it.
Due to copyright issues this youtube video won’t play in my country…

Way back when I was in my deepest unfruitful esports career I apologized a lot to my clan colleagues. They made me change my attitude…
Since these days I chose the wording: “I am not sorry!”

Greetings and God bless, Marius