Simple sample player

Hi Zynthians,
I need to play some simple samples (gimmicks) during my gigs with a band. The max length is 20 sec and it would be nice, if I can trigger it with a lower key.

Is that possible with zynthian?

You could build the samples in Polyphone into a sf2 where you would allocate individual samples to the sf2 file and then upload it using the webconf…

I have read that, but I do not find a workflow or a tutorial.

Ahhh, you mean a Software called Polyphone :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.
Thanx, I’ll take a look :+1::rainbow::sunglasses:

When you have the soundfont with the samples in the “low notes”, you could use the “clone layer” feature for combine the SF2 and any other instrument. Also, you could use MIDI filter rules for creating a kind of keyboard split …


1st thanks for the polyphone-tip. It works. :sunglasses:
And now I have to say: You all are very great wonderful team.

I know “clone layer” and I can use it. :+1:
I also know the MIDI rules, but it doesn´t work perfectly.

I tried the Keysplit from your user guide.
MAP CH#0 NON#0:45 => CH#1 NON#0:45
MAP CH#0 NOFF#0:45 => CH#1 NOFF#0:45

I can copy this into the Webconf Midi option and load it in the snapshot under Admin Midi Profile. But I only have the last status. I can not switch the keysplit on/off by changing the snapshots.

And I tried
MAP CH#0 NON#0:45 => CH#1 NON#12:57
MAP CH#0 NOFF#0:45 => CH#1 NOFF#12:57
to shift the left hand sound up 1 octave -> does´t work.

Did I missunderstand the rule language?

OK, 1. Problem solved.
And keysplit was answered by mheidt

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