Sinewave Primer .xmz file (ZynAddSubFX)

ZynAddSubFX (also now called Zyn-Fusion) is a free and open-software synthesizer for Linux Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

A simple synth engine with two user interfaces.
Use the Advanced one…

UNfortunately the files xmz seem to be recognised as some form of compressed or archive format.

Anybody got any ideas about extracting components we can load into a zynth?

Better use a “xiz” ZynAddSubFX instrument file.

same problem thery appear as an asrchive format and webconf don’t like them

we are aware that uploading those setting files doesn’t work yet

Naughty wyleu… Bad wyleu…

For the record a .xmz/.xiz/etc file is gzipped xml. Using a tool like zless, you should be able to see the contents of the file.


hi, some time ago @jofemodo suggested to me a way to use xmz again… after layer structure changed, xmz patches played incomplete if loaded on a single layer. Practically must be created a snapshot with as many empty zyn layers as present parts on xmz. That xmz is loaded only on 1st zyn layer. the other 3 must remain “dummy” and forced on same midi channel. In this way Xmz is played correctly with all parts, parameters and splits. I have lots of xmz. It works. But controlling their single parameters is still not possible.

@jofemodo , hi, i was away long time, got in touch again with zynthian just now, and noticed xmz workaround does not work anymore… did i loose some bold changes during this time?

Forget it. Everything is awesome. :heart:
Just my OneDrive folder didn’t connect and all xmz stored were just placeholders of 0 KB :rage:

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