Sliders potentiometers

Hello !
For a project (diy midi stuff) I’m looking for sliders (linear potentiometers) that come back to middle if untouched (like pitch bend potentiometer). That or an assembly that can do that.
Do you know how to get that ?

Have a nice day !

I am not familiar with any sliders that return to the centre but rotary potentiometers with levers and centre position are commonly used for pitchbend. These generally consist of a potentiometer connected to a mechanically sprung mechanism. You could use a joystick, e.g from a game controller to get a ready-made solution. Most of these tend to be 2-axis e.g. which means they have 2 pots and act in X & Y directions but there may be 1-axis versions (or you could mechanically constrain direction).

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I can indeed, use an r/c like potentiometers (for mini drones controller) but it will force me to use “height”.
It will be my second choice, but I’m looking to make an “as flat as possible” device

HACKED!: Using an HDD Motor as a Rotary Encoder?! - YouTube. Might prompt some ideas…


Wow! That is similar to rotary encoders I was building in the mid-1990’s out of DC motors but interesting use of 3-phase. Mine simple used polarity and amplitude. As mentioned in the video, it feels nice and you can gear it to give a lovely, heavy feel. Great is you have the space but challenging on smaller scale.

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