Small video I made with Zynth and mmt-8

Hi there, here’s a small video I made for test-driving my new Zynth. Vangelis pads included! ;D


Nicely done!!
There’s great joy in a good cue!

THere is a lovely tension in the rising chimes.It certainly does have a Vangelis feel ( generally regarded as a VERY high complement round here… :-D)

Presumably the MMT-9 is the device in the foreground?
Have you tried digging recordings out via the zynth record feature :slight_smile: ?

We need a nice CS-80 case to mount a zynth in to give it that imperious 80’s technology lock & feel!!

Hey Wyleu, thanks. Yes the MMT-8 is in the foreground, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d be happy with a Zynth-s80 with more extended controls and
colors :slight_smile:

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How many layers did you run?

It’s 3 layers on 3 different midi-channels, all using Zynaddsubfx. The mmt8 is a midi-recorder that works really well for looping midinotes, really good in combo with the Zynth.
Would be fun to use the recording feature more, for now all things audio are recorded in Reaper.

Zynaddsubfx; which patches …?

From the top of my head:
beginning melody= spaceorgan (mysterious bank or whats it called)
Chimes = Vangelis-C (net-wisdom bank)
Bassy Melody = Can’t remember and the zynth crashed before I could save the snapshot :expressionless:

Nice piece … and nice rithm pattern! I really love it …:heart_eyes: