Smart track looper?

So, this is not quite a request but more about something that I would like to implement for myself and was wondering what kind of support there could be on the Zynthian side to make this idea work.

First of all, please take a look at for what I’d like to have.
ALK2 is, in theory, an absolutely amazing idea. In practice, the software is TERRIBLE, I’ve tried it and I really wanted to buy it and use it, but it really doesn’t work. UI is messy, it’s cluttered, unintuitive, and a lot of other reasons why I consider it unusable.

Anyway, what I would like to have, is a way to record incoming midi (and possibly audio?) data and save it somewhere, and have it loop according to some specific rules for each individual tracks. Not just a simple looper, but something already has a pre-defined list of tracks in a song and pre-defined places where to start/stop recording, and replay.

The plan would be to have a python script that is triggered at specific intervals/timeframes to record incoming midi tracks and then replay them to the correct midi channels on the Zynthian. How messy do you think that would be? Do you know of anything similar I could have a look at? What kind of plumbing should I be looking at? Is this a dumb idea?

I don’t know anyone who’s made a looper out of python there are a few loopers available.


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