Snapshot and MIDI options

As you might know, the MIDI options are saved in the snapshot file as well.
This is a nice feature, but can be troublesome.
I play in different bands with different tuning (442 and 440)
I reckon, if I change the Midi profile, the new setting will be taken.
It’s not nice if you had to change the midi profile forth and back just to get the right tuning.
Besides that I have a screenless zynthian also and cannot change the midi profile just like that.

I would need a midi/zynthian-ui option, that says “Always use global Midi settings” or “Ignore Midi settings in snapshot file”
Or should we have a checkbox in each snapshot?

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The other option could be to not save SINGLE_ACTION_MODE, master channel, tuning.
@jofemodo, what do you think?

Another alternative would be having the option Snapshot in the MidiProfile selection.

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Thanks @mheidt !! I’m thinking about it … we need a solution that works for everyone :wink: