Snapshot no longer routing audio plugins

I’ve got a snapshot which was working fine with stable zynthian in January, but with current stable the audio plugins are not wired in correctly, their inputs are connected to capture instead of their respective zynaddsubfx parts.

Here is the snapshot json audio_routing converted to yaml:

  - ZynDistortion-00
  - system:playback_1
  - system:playback_2
  - system:playback_1
  - system:playback_2
  - Open_Big_Muff-00
  - system:playback_1
  - system:playback_2
  - Dragonfly_Plate_Reverb-00

So it should be:

  • part0->big muff->playback
  • part1->playback
  • part2->reverb->ZynDistorition->playback

Here is a patchage screenshot which shows all the audio plugin inputs connected to capture1/2

Hi @steveb !

Please, could you send the original snapshot? I would like to analyze the issue.


I’ll attach a slightly simpler one showing the same problem, its a single synth going into a Gxdigital_delay_st. Thanks!

006-antigone.zss (19.3 KB)

I did a git bisect and the issue is with the last commit:

[ba2b81d0285240bc8a9677c7970420b5c360ff79] Merge pull request #435 from steveb/sysfs_get_throttled
root@zynthian-1:/zynthian/zynthian-ui# systemctl restart zynthian
root@zynthian-1:/zynthian/zynthian-ui# git bisect good
96769e37d81964ba4941a79b34f4cfc9d879b09a is the first bad commit
commit 96769e37d81964ba4941a79b34f4cfc9d879b09a
Author: jofemodo <>
Date:   Wed Apr 20 14:32:24 2022 +0200

    [STABLE HOTFIX] Sanitize audio_out list to improve compatibility when loading older/newer snapshot versions (zynthian/zynthian-issue-tracking#637).

:040000 040000 0264ada233669e3c4a25d7330f7fe64c4017b48a f72b9c5bacc34ee4c5b86394f97bd4fa82f965fd M	zyngine

I just commited a fix. I tested with your snapshot and it works now.
Please, update and test.