Snapshot problem: can't create a new one


I just updated and when i try to save a snapshot just nothing happens.
Neither on the unit or in webconf have I found a possibility to safe a new snapshot
I can create new banks in the webconf, but that’s it.

Any recommendations apart from a fresh install?

No idea. Going to need some logs!

Snapshots can’t be saved/loaded from Webconf. These options don’t exist.

From UI, you have 2 options:

  • From the main menu, click “Save Snapshot”
  • From anywhere, “bold-shot” to get into “Load Snapshot” screen, then “short-shot” to rotate load/save

BTW, what SD image are you using?

Note: Please, when you report an issue, it’s important to give some details about the context, so we can try to reproduce the issue. This context details should include: hardware version, software version (SD image version) and the exact steps you follow to get the error.


I started with the RC2 image and updated from over the admin menu.

Where do I find the right logs to give more information?

HI @STM! What about the first half of my comment? :wink:

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