Snapshots doesn't save CC settings

Hello to everyone !

Just updated zynthian up to date and found out, that snapshots doesn’t remember CC values. Did anyone experienced anything like that with the latest build ?

Using external usb controller I connect controllers to layers volume, filters etc. and everything works great till you save the snapshot. After loading saved snapshot - none of CC controls are stored.

Sorry, I can’t reproduce your problem. Could you be more specific? I need the exac steps to reproduce …

I create layers with ZynAddSubFx, for instance five of them. First one cloning itself to the other 4 midi channels. Then I use CC-Learn feature to assign controls (faders and rotary potentiometers) from usb controller. Everything assigned as necessary, saving to snapshot. After loading snapshot none of CC are assigned.

I am sure it is a problem on my side, just looking for the direction, were to dig. Will attach the logs tomorrow if recommended.

I’ve just created a snapshot with mapped cc’s and it’s recalled them perfectly. What image are you using? What versions are showing in the software section of the zynth webconf?

Are you making sure to save the snapshot after you map the cc’s?

@Baggypants, did you test with ZynAddSubFX?

I can’t reproduce the issue here …


Yes, I do everything as usual (as it worked). Probably it’s the problem of slow internet connection here in India now and I couldn’t update Zynthian a few times because if it. s

So if something was truncated or improperly installed in the process, that might be the issue.

Will backup everything today and retry with the latest fresh image.

Brothers, @jofemodo, @Baggypants - thank you for all the support !

Rebuilding and reorganising all the snapshots from the scratch has eliminated the issue. Just followed the wiki to enable bank support.

So, no issue - just following default way of saving snapshots saves all the CC data attached. Everything works perfect, especially with recent loading optimisations.

Thanks @jofemodo, @Baggypants

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