Sneak peek: battery-powered Zynthian

I’ve decided I like my Zynthian mobile, and I got access to a 3D printer, so I decided to do a bit of re-modeling of the existing Zynthian case. I made the following changes:

  • Re-modeled the case in FreeCad (instead of sketchup)
  • Internalized mounting holes for the top frame, so they aren’t visible
  • Increased case size to allow for 2x18650 lithium batteries, and charge + power circuitry
  • Changed top panel to allow for my Waveshare 32B clone TFT screen
  • Added holes for 2x headphone jack
  • Added LED holes in the top for charge status & PI activity LED

Freecad and STL files are here:

(you can click the .STL files and view them right on Github)

I’ll soon update this post with some real pictures, once I get the stuff actually printed :slight_smile: