Software Update: Sustained notes and sustain pedal across active channel changes

Hi @zynthianers!

I just solved an old and complex issue:

I’ve added a mechanism that manage gracefully sustained notes and sustain pedal across active channel changes.

I would like some of you to test it carefully and tell me if you find some problem with it. Basically you should setup several layers and play, maintaining notes and sustain pedal while rotating the active layer (single channel mode enabled!). Try all the combinations and possibilities you can imagine …

But first … update your zynthian!! :wink:



Some notes on last improvements:

  • Now “Sustain-Pedal” is correctly managed across several active channel changes. You can rotate N layers and maintain sustain pedal across all of them.

  • Sustained notes only will be managed across ONE active channel change. If you keep pressed notes across 2 or more active channel changes and release the notes on a different layer, the notes will remain ON.