a bit of advice for anyone using this feature and enjoying a better experience:

  • This feature is monophonic: as in 1 note at a time, monophonic instruments will give you better results, ie. flute, sax. Polyphonic instruments will work as well but you have to stop sustaining notes before you play the next.

  • Each triggered note will allow you to pitch bend a little before suddenly jumping to the next midi note message. A smooth note glide is not possible.

  • This feature detects notes in relation to their actual wavelength. This means it will have a hard time recognizing lower pitch notes and will have a higher latency (delay between you playing the note and aubio recognizing it) A solution if you want to play lower registers comfortably with minimum latency is to play 1 or 2 octaves above the intended notes and to transpose the midi data afterwards.

  • Practice: audio to midi has been around for a while and it requires a different style of playing on each instrument for it to work seamlessly Sonuus g2m , migic , Jam origin, this one is polyphonic!



Thanks for the advice, @mcgperu!

For those of you wanting to tweak with this, you can do it by adjusting the aubionotes parameters in the service script:


The current adjustment is:

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/aubionotes -O complex -t 0.5 -s -88  -p yinfft -l 0.5

And this is the aubionotes documentation:

You can also get it from command line:

# man aubionotes

As you can see, there are different methods for onset (note-on) and pitch detection, and also a few parameters.

Aubio project is quite active, so perhaps there are new improvements or features that are not present in the Gorgona image’s version, that was compiled in December. In such a case, you could update to the last version. There is a recipe script (/zynthian/zynthian-sys/scripts/recipes) that could help you with this.


I had tested this nice toy. Yes - it works but it is unisono and I am not a very good guitar player for solo parts. Also it has a noticeable latency.

Regards Holger

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so, anyone knows if can we now delete snapshots?

Yep! Navigate to “Load Snapshot” then bold press on the snapshot you wish to delete. You will be asked to confirm deletion.