SOLVED How to get wifi working without ethernet


i dont have ethernet the place of my house where i want to use my new zynthian, so i want to connect it to my wifi.

First thing i tried is going to the admin screen and clicking on „wifi“ - but that says „connecting“ but never even asks me for a password, and after a minute ut comes back and there is no X at the wifi option, so apparently it’s nit connected - sure, without asking me for a network name and password, it cannot connect.

looking at the docs at Accessing Zynthian from your computer - ZynthianWiki they explain that i can configure wifi ESSID and Password via the web admin… which i cannot reach without having network access…. but i assume i can try to start the wifi hotspot.

ok i turn on the wifi hotspot in the admin menu, go to my ipad, chose the zynthian wifi… and get asked for a password. i tried the obvious „zynthian“ but that doesnt work.

but i cannot find any mention of the wifi password anywhere in the wiki, and i tried to google it but find nothing

what can i do?

does this really only work if I use Ethernet at least for the first steps?

after reading the wiki page a few more times i realized that in all other places its mentioned that the system password and the web ui password is raspberry, so i tried that and saw it worked :wink:

maybe this could be added to the docs section about the wifi hotspot…

also I wonder if it‘s possible to add the functionality to configure a wifi essid and password directly on the device - is that generally possible?

I ask as a software developer being interested to contribute that, would that be a doable first task?

Login as root password raspberry
You have identified one of the zynthian gotchas… A ethernet lead to a seperate machine is my quick and dirty solution which allows you to turn on the hot-spot. Android unfortunately doesn’t support naming so you require an ip address to use with the android tablet.


thanks wyleu
my question was how i can connect to the zynthian hotspot wifi, not ssh, but i guessed now that the wifi password is raspberry too, same as the root password, and that was right. thanks :wink:

I was campaigning for some grip of death start up that turns on the hot-spot.

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i dont know what grip of death startup is, but knowing the wifi password is somehow helpful :wink:
it could also be shown in the „network info“ page when the device is in hotspot mode…

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Grip of death is holding some key down whilst you start the machine… But some of my machines don’t even have a screen or switches so I’m a rather peculiar case.


also an interesting option would be to have usb ethernet going when connecting to a pc as the MOD Dwarf does … but i only know this works with Linux/Win/Mac, not necessarily with mobile OSes

The determination of a zynthian to display it’s ip address if things go wrong demonstrates the determination to address these issues. To be fair it’s only weirdness like my family of devices that brings these issues forward. For an official device you will have the ip displayed in the gui under admin network info…

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i dont ask bout ip, i ask about the wifi pasword.

If you need ethernet access then buying a usb ethernet port for your laptop or other device would be the best option. The problem with the ethernet-over-usb mode is the difficulty in powering a pi4 in that configuration.

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If this is for asking for a fallback Access Point mode whenever there is no ETH nor WIFI client working set up, I fully agree …

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