[SOLVED ]Noise when rotating encoders

I just finished moving my raspi and Hifiberry DAC+ Pro of my previous V1 selfmade kit to an original v2 kit.
But I am facing a strange behaviour.
When I am rotating a knob and the zythiian-ui is handling it (changing menu focus or sound parameters), I hear noise clicks. Very little. you have to crank it up and don’t play the keyboard, because the actual sound would be too loud.
This noise is only audible when I connect the zynthian through the additional line outs. When I connect it through the cinch-outs, the noise is not audible. And it is not audible, when the rotation would yield to no zynthian-ui action.

Can anybody confirm this?

And did anybody put an additional amplifier between the board and additional line outs?
Saw it on a drawing in the wiki entry of the V2 build.

New image solved the problem

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Really? Quite strange …
Perhaps the harness connecting the controllers to the All-In-One circuit were too close to the Hifiberrie’s analog output and when replacing the SD card the harness changed its position, reducing the noise?