[SOLVED] Zynthian and a... tablet display

hi… what you are watching is… zynthian on a graphic tablet display.

it’s a very cheap but incredibly well built and precise tablet display from xp-pen.
there are also 12" too.
the sequencer affair would really benefit from this interface. but not only that.
This display is totally self powered/controlled by usb, so raspberry can hold it and no other additional power (theorically) is needed.
The “magic” is tablet pointer works pretty well calibrated and acts as an absolute pointer as expected. No mouse mode. Just really what a graphic tablet does.

By now zynthian is configured encoderless and with hdmi display (of course)
The bad news are i didn’t succede in correctly configuring display and UI proportions.
I mean, thisdisplay supports natively 1080p but can adapt to any resolution, already tried.
ButUI doesn’t adapt at all. neither changing sizes on display tab in webconf or ui text size.
this is the maximum i can get.
What i’m missing?



Display setup to use is waveshare 5 hdmi+usb

Then desired pair of resolution values can be entered. I put the maximum of 1920*1080 both on display and config, disabled overscan, and ui font size to at least 30.

Being primarily a Graphic tablet, This display is has very crisp and precise images and details any other display won’t have.
i will test if maximum resolution could drive to some stress to cpu and then to zynthian performance.
In any case it can be scaled down.

[update] with 1080p opening seq zynpad page, got a little crazy and blinked, maybe too much power for a graphic quite full of colour and maybe reached maximum current absorption by rpi.
Scaled down to 720p and everything calmed down.

Next step is understanding if tablet’s 8 smart buttons and a rotating knob are configurable for a faster synth managing.
For a simple casualty, one of buttons reacts to entering sequencer page :laughing:
So maybe there could be some high hope


Interesting for sure. Can you give us a link of that product ?
What I’ve understanded so far:

  • It use HDMI for display
  • USB for touch
  • Has buttons and knobs
  • Can power the Rpi
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first, simple:
here is the global site, but i think there will be a localized online store like mine in italy (who is .it)
All models from 12 to 13.3 (at least) are self powered and have no-battery stylus .
Pro models have a very basic but useful tablet stand included.
Anyway i just made a video for better explain this still basic and approximate setup.

if you see bubbles on screen is because i peeled up and re applied the protective sleeve :grin:

maybe the 12 inches model is more portable for this use.
I ordered the tablet for a tablet use. This idea came after.
unfortunately tablet hasn’t touch feautre, but i don’t miss it in this particular condition.
Maybe a little pen holder for a finger could be a good idea

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Ok, thank you. A bit expensive for me, but it looks really cool.

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Yes for sure is an expensive interface solution. Let’s say if it was a Wacom tablet display would be 3 times more expensive :grimacing: :grin: