Some LV2 links for the instruments not yet included in the Zynthian

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Some interesting picks from the above list:

SGuitar - simple guitar rompler in format of LV2 plugin.

VL1-emulator - emulation of a Casio VL-Tone VL1 based on code by PolyValens

zynayumi - based on ayumi, a highly precise emulation of the YM2149.

flute-lv2 - waveguide based physical flute model.

Minicomputer-LV2 - for creating experimental electronic sounds for industrial, glitch and IDM.

Paraphrasis - spectral modelling synthesizer.

happychords - for producing electronic dance hooks.

qin - for plucking and striking sounds.

punk-console.lv2 - Atari Punk Console LV2 plugin

geonkick - percussion synthesizer.

Stegosaurus - drum synth.

live-cue - for triggering long samples.

hydrumkit - a simple LV2 sampler that reads Hydrogen drumkits.

An LV2 drum machine:

Suggestions like this might be better added as seperate issues in the Issue Tracker Otherwise forum posts can get forgotten about and lost.

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I know… Not very familiar with the site structure yet…

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Hi @sm7x7!

Thanks for the list from drobilla. I didn’t know it and it seems to be the most complete list of LV2 stuff i’ve seen.

Anyway, if you really would like to see one of these missing pieces integrated on zynthian, please open a “feature request” in the issue tracker, including the URL. We use to prioritize tracker tasks, although it’s not a unbreakable rule, as you have seen recently :wink:


Good advice, thank you! :blush::+1: