Some metronome on midi recorder?

Hi … i finally have some spare time to push zynthian to limits and see what happens :smiley:
…by now i’m stressing the midi recorder, and tried to overdub, recording another track while playing the previous one and it works :blush:
is there a way to insert a metronome?
(the trick works with audio recording too, but zynthian almost crashed :smile: …i can understand )

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for a metronome you can use the lv2 plugins C*Click, it’s not visible by default.
You need to go the the webconf, software menu and Jalv Plugins.

In the Jalv plugins interface, activate advanced view, click on Audio Generator and activate C Click - Metronome*, to finish click on the save button

Now, on your Zynthian box, you can add a New Generator Layer and choose C* Click - Metronome

On my Zynthian, I don’t have any sound, I recompile the plugins and after works ok, don’t know why.
To do, ssh your zynthian and run /zynthian/zynthian-sys/scripts/recipes/ after few minutes, it works for me


Thanks, was writng the same Yesterday for this issue …metronome plugin does not produce sound…

Same problem here, no sound until I do the compilation

This topic suggests me doing weird and unexpected things it’s Always a good idea :grin:

for me too. thanks a lot



the metronome plugin lv2 doesn’t work out of the box… at least not in rc3
Plugins must be recompiled .

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I created an issue in the tracking system:

A patch has been commited and “update software” should solve the problem on Aruk.


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Wow, this is actually a genuine “nightly build patch” :grin:

I see that you also have owls in England … :face_with_monocle:

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Until browser will load image…:thinking: