Some silly questions about MOD-UI

First of all thanks to @jofemodo @C0d3man and also the others people that works to this beautiful project
and every day they make it more and more beautiful !!!
About the MOD-UI via web interface…i see the voice to Browse Online Pedalboards that show some pedals make from various users…but it is not possible to downloading and install on zynthian???
Also what is the use of the two icons on bottom right ??? (Control Chain an Mod Cloud)

Thank you

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Hi @videobelu

I havn’t understand where do you see these option… sorry.
You should have in mind that MOD-UI is a product of MOD and also they decided to create MOD-UI as open-source, there are some special features which only are working with a MOD-hardware.

They are also MOD(-Duo) related: Control-Chain is a feature for adding control-devices to a MOD-Duo. Something similar to “our” MIDI-controllers, but much more flexible.

MOD-Cloud is a feature where you can up/download pedalboards for/from other users. I think this is not accessible or usable for us… havn’t tested yet - and I think it is not really necessary, because most of the pedalboards inside MOD-Cloud are guitar-related (input needed).

Regards, Holger

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Thanks i understand …the problem is that the web interface is the same of MOD and obviously some menus are exclusive of the MOD product and are not operative in Zynthian…the voice to Browse Online Pedalboards is in the Pedalboards Library page on top/right side …this link open a web site with some pedalboards from users, but when i try to download it the system get error because not found MOD device …