Some trouble with single layer and ZASFX layered presets


while testing program change and zs3 i found an issue on zynaddsubfx and single layer play option:
if more than a zasfx layer is present on snapshot, the one with multiple instruments (xmz, to be precise)
interferes with rest of zyn presets, giving unwanted results (wrong sounds or totally mute presets)
i attached my snapshot and relative zyn xmz preset.

Simply try to reproduce error by playing in single layer mode “zy#1 arpeggio6”, then trying other layers until switching to “ZY#4 LEVIATANO”, resulting muted. Then returning back to Arpeggio6, with wrong sound.
On layer chain there is another zyn preset, muted too, after choosing xmz.

Note: this is not an error created by newcoming sublayer program change stuff.

LEVIATANO.xmz (9.0 KB)


sorry, i was wrong, there’s no other preset.


Hi @ivanmonterosso!

xmz files are ZynAddSubFX session files. When you load one, session is reseted, deleting all the parts (layers). Only one instance of ZynAddSubFX is running, and zynthian ZASFX “layers” are mapped to ZASFX “parts”. Zynthian-UI doesn’t manage correctly this. When loading a xmz, it should delete all ZASFX layers except the layer that’s loading the xmz.

Also, when loading a xmz, zynthian-UI should create as many layers as active parts are in the xmz. Currently only creates the first one.

This task is in the issue list on github from a few months … so it should be fixed soon :wink:



oh, ok, no problem… just in case i will load xmz in a separate snapshot… it’s a quite fast load :slight_smile:


six years later … :slight_smile:


Volume level in this case does not works.



Thanks for explain.

I just started zynSubFx on my PC fist time and downloaded some fine sounds. That’s all.

Now i understand.


When i asked Jofemodo about xmz integration, it was because of several sessions files made for a live setup Time ago. In my xmz there are things still not possibile with zynthian , such as layer Split ( for example a bass instrument just in C0-A2 range) . Is still a great thing even with limited control


Great information. Time for some research! :man_office_worker:


Currently this can be achieved using MIDI router:

You also should find interesting this thread: