Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra missing?

A while ago I used the sound Linux Sampler->SFZ sonatina symphonic orchestra -> woodwinds flutes staccato.
It’s somehow gone now with its entire folder…? Has it been removed with an update at some point?

It’s still present on my Zynthian…

hm okay that’s weird. I also just updated but it did not show up anymore. Anyone has an idea how to get it back without having to download and reinstall the entire image again?

or if I have to reinstall everything, which image I should download where it’s contained?

“2019-06-26-zynthianos-stretch-lite-1.0.0-RC3” … does the lite here mean by any chance that it’s not the full library or something?

The latest from

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… that is green on

It would be good if showed only green versions or indicated status of each.

I have raised a feature request.

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