SooperLooper controlled with S1 - S4 in toggle mode

I am trying to turn my Zynthian into a looper that I can control with my foot. For this I would like to use the S1 - S4 switches to toggle the Play/Pause, Record, Reset, Undo switches of that plugin. Using MIDI learn, I managed to map S1 - S4 to MIDI CC1 - CC4 of channel 1 . I however have an issue that S1-S4 are not toggling at each button press, but turning on on press, and off on release. Going through GitHub, it seems that issue was brought up some time ago (MIDI CC and Note Toggle · Issue #240 · zynthian/zynthian-ui · GitHub) but rolled back with the suggestion of using an LV2 filter to convert the CC messages to a toggle behavior (maybe with something like the the note toggle of x42-midifilter). Before I go about suggesting the addition of a CCToggle filter to x42-midifilter, I wanted to have your opinion on whether this is the correct way forward.

For example, is it possible to use the output of a MIDI-FX (like CCToggle) as input to the MIDI learn feature?

Happy to hear your suggestions on how to proceed.


The testing branch include a new feature that allows to configure your buttons as CC-swithes from the webconf. It’s not available on stable, but a new stable will be released very soon, so perhaps you could change to testing and stay on it.

If you do so, please, use a separated SD-card and keep a copy of your stable SDcard.


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Thanks @jofemodo! Excellent! Works very well, and you now have one more beta tester. The new interface is nice. I do see some Jack Audio XRUN though.

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