SooperLooper feet setup

What a lovely coloured Version 5…

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Yes, it’s beautiful. I’m sure that also a blue one would be gorgeous.

Can’t we change one port or an other ? The messages are nite the same and if Zynthian can do a “thru” feature it can be helpful for my gears…

I’m just an educated user who learned how to make templates for Open Stage Control. In that I can change the output port according to the osc command.

In Zynthian it was probably easier to keep the original port from SooperLooper, it’s more of a question for the programmers.

Sure: blue was top-of-wishlist in my speculative V5 enclosure colours ideas, wasn’t it @jofemodo ? :wink:

@jofemodo hellooooow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Do you think it’s possible to have a router rule for OSC thing ?
For instance, if i send the osc command 9951/sl/record/down it automaticly transfert that to … you know… SooperLooper ?
In my setup, my pedalboard can not send OSC messages to two differents IP/ports :dotted_line_face:

What do you want to do with sooperlooper? Controlling it directly may interfere with Zynthian’s control and monitoring of it. Can you not do what you want by controlling zynthian?

I would “just” like to command it via osc messages and not via midi CC.
As osc messages are not volatile

Zynthian supports OSC control so you may be able to control Zynthian with OSC that can then control Sooperlooper. I can’t remember if it is fully controllable but in theory it should be.

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Nice then :slight_smile:
New kind of router rules then :innocent:

Actually… I just checked the source code and it may not be possible (or at least easy) to use OSC to control Zynthian’s sooperlooper indirectly. IIRC we assign dynamic ports to sooperlooper instances so the port may change based on the instance. A fuller API is on the roadmap and some work done in dev over the past year has moved that closer but still it sits over the horizon.

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Thank you anyway for having take a look at that :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I just had another look at the code to refresh my memory. You can only create a single instance of SooperLooper in Zynthian and is uses UDP port 9951. Zynthian starts and instance of SL then controls and monitors it using OSC. In theory you can also control and monitor that instance separately but SL has various different monitoring mechanisms and they don’t all necessarily play nicesly together so it is plausible that actions from one client do not always update another. The Zynthian code is written to give as robust an interface as possible to Zynthian without concern for other OSC clients so - although direct control and monitoring of SL via OSC should be possible, YMMV.

Regarding adding an OSC forwarder: there are several engines that are controlled and monitored via OSC so the request may be more complex. An engine has to decide where to send its updates and a common method is to detect incoming messages or use a registration mechanism so the engine (e.g. SooperLooper) may need a direct connection from the client to be able to reply to it. Adding a proxy then becomes more complex as the proxy needs to have the concept of sessions for each of its clients.

I don’t think it appropriate to go down this route. We would better spend our time working on the API to allow more integration of OSC control and monitoring of engine parameters.


I have understood everything but the last paragraph.
Are you able to explain with simplest words or an example?

Our plan is to expose more of the innards of Zynthian to remote protocols like OSC This should allow more control and monitoring than the current CUIA interface.

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Thank you :+1:
For your answers and also for all the work done until now :smiling_face:

thank you for the tip :+1: second hand it’s 20 to 30 € here.

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You’re welcome. I tried to use the nanoPad2 with my feet but it’s not a great experience. I have to get used to that, the pads are a bit small. Anyway, the controller is usefull in other situations.

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Hi there,

First off, my understanding of and experience with MIDI stinks, so bear with me if I’m talking nonsense.

I am struggling to control sooperlooper with my m-audio axiom 64. Either via the pads (which send Note ON/OFF signals) or via the buttons (which send CC messages).

Ideally I’d like to hit a pad to record and then that same pad to stop recording. Or to hit a pad bound to e.g. overdub to stop recording and start overdub.

The on-screen feedback is currently pretty messy if I want to stop record via overdub: both tallies say they’re on, whilst they are mutually exclusive.

This exclusiveness I think should also be taken into account when deciding how to tackle the MIDI interface. Configuring a device itself to toggle does not do the trick when ‘radio’ toggling it off via another control.

The CC buttons do not let me stop recording, only set recording (or something else) to ON.

By the way, using the 4 buttons on my v4 kit might also suffice, but I cannot find out how to configure those.

On foot pedals: half the time I am recording myself tap dancing, so my feet are already taken, and latching switches are highly difficult to operate in that physical state.

Any pointers are appreciated!

Hi @niels - I think what you want is doable, but the info about how is scattered about the wiki, this forum, and in some cases various individuals.

Here’s one pointer, I hope it helps: