SooperLooper feet setup

Hi !
I have the opportunity to test a 10 button pedalboard linked to SooperLooper via midi (or osc).
What do you think is the minimal / comfortable functions to use ?
Record - Pause - Undo - Redo ?

In the end I may build a little pedal just for SooperLooper if I’m having fun with it, dedicated hardware is cool. :wink:

Bit like this you mean?

More or less yes. More compact maybe .
I didn’t use SooperLooper yet because it’s not easy to hold the guitar and touch the little button of the screen.
So I’m not sure what are the useful buttons…

Maybe even loops switching in UP and DOWN style


Record & overdub are the two I use the most and have mapped to midi pads.

I use mute a bit, but that requres the correct track to be selected so I tend to tap on the screen for that. Undo could be useful. Individual track selects with individual mute could be a way around that.


Record and Overdub seem obvious ones and Undo & Redo can be used quite creatively.
The other discussion item is do we make these push and hold to operate or does one make the switches toggle? I can think of scenarios where both approaches might be preferred and even different responses in the same pedal set up.

Let’s say “both”. With momentary buttons we can emulate toggle ones. :innocent:

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We can leave Zynthian implementation as press to activate, release to deactivate and the hardware controller can be configured for the desired latching / momentary action.

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Only if just one snapshot is used. As soon as you want different configs for different tracks you need to reconfigure both the zynthian and the controller.

But if we use osc messages then it should be okay ?

Possibly, but we would have to dump support for MIDI & Qwerty CUIA control and when using microcontrollers,especially with USB these are prefered control options. This is an on-going discussion between young @riban and myself. I believe peripherals shouldn’t need reconfiging for use with a zynthian and the zynthian should allow configuration to refine the behaviour depending on use, @riban believes the external device should be configured to provide the functionality.

The issue is to be settled over three falls, a submission or a knockout at the Sheffield Synthfest on Saturday the seventh of October. Ridiculously inappropriate costumes have, as yet ,not been announced . . .

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Interesting. Wasn’t “midi learn” the universal answer ?
The fact that it’s saved within the snapshot is already great.
That said, a “global” or “default” snapshot and not an “empty” or “virgin” one can be great.

MIDI learn is fine. The issue is whether the MIDI device or Zynthian is configured to send / detect momentary / latching signals. If there is a desire to be able to perform a momentary action, e.g. record only whilst pedal pressed then it makes sense for Zynthian to be configured as momentary. If the user subsequent wants the same action to latch then it makes sense to configure (or buy) a latching pedal. This has advantages like being simple to understand what is doing what and allow indication on the device without feedback from Zynthian.

It can get confusing when you have two (or more) devices that are configurable. Which one for you configure for what action?

I notice you have nothing to say about costumes…!

For me to remember, the osc list of SooperLooper:

And an idea : some “per Chanel” and “selected/all” design :

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Would it be possible to choose between momentary/latching mode by short/long-pressing the midi pedal?
It’s definitely not a simplification of the concept, but long-pressing random buttons is in no way a unknown habit among Zynthianers.
Maybe an onscreen overlay with an animated “loading” ring/bar could assist.

Knowing nothing about the underlying engine for midi-learn, I’m just throwing out random thoughts.

Btw. checkout Pedalino for a totally custom midi pedal: GitHub - alf45tar/PedalinoMini: Wireless and Bluetooth MIDI Foot Controller

Yes you can do that with PedalinoMini, send a different osc message for short or long press (or short and long depress but it didn’t understand this last behavior).

… or even click, double click, bla bla bla :wink:

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I discovered some minutes ago that a Korg nanoPad2 can be a great cheap midi controller to use with SooperLooper. You can put it on the ground and use it with your bare toes (only the thumb work for me :joy:). It’s not the best comfortable controller but it’s the cheapest you can find, i guess.
And you can set up all the pads with the free editor, chosing midi channel, different CC number and the behavior (momentary or toggle).


Does osc command can pass thru Zynthian 1370 port ? I’m not able to send different osc messages to different port like 9951/1370

Or is it a valid excuse to make a special dedicated pedal ??

Port 1370 Is for zynthian OSC - mixer and CUIA . Sooperlooper OSC you must send on port 9951, this is default port for it. I dont try some users setups of OSC ports.
More can read this: SooperLooper - In Testing - #16 by riban