SooperLooper Quick&Dirty Demos


Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve been jamming a little bit with the SooperLooper LV2 plugin included in Zynthian SD images. It’s super fun and you can mount a little loop-piece in 5 minutes.

My setup is really simple:

  • Zynthian for Looping & Synthesis
  • Akai MPK mini as Keyboard & Controller

I followed these simple steps:

  1. Create a MOD-UI layer and load “Crazy FX Chain” pedalboard that is included in the Omega SD image.

  2. Map some key-pads from the Akai MPK to the SooperLooper main functions:

    • Play/Stop
    • Record
    • Reset
    • Undo
    • Redo

    (*) You need to update your zynthian to get the latest MIDI-learning fixes

  3. Create a LinuxSampler layer and load some drum-machine or the percussion layer you like. Once the layer is created you have to route its audio output to MOD-UI. You can do this by “clicking bold” on the layer you want in the layer list.

  4. Click Play & Record in SooperLooper

  5. Play your base. Start with something very simple, a kick every 2 or 4 beats. You can extend your loop all you want. When you click “Record” again, your loop will start to repeat.

  6. From here to the moon. You can click “Record” again and “overdub” whatever you want, like sound layers (click “Record” again for stop recording and finishing the “layer”). You can change the instrument (don’t forget to route audio to MOD-UI for each new layer). And of course, you can undo and redo all you want. It works very well!!

Here is a little example of my jamming session:

Nothing special, but funny!! :star_struck:

After this, I think that a full integration of SooperLooper could be a great add for Zynthian … what do you think?


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Hi @jofemodo,

Nice what you’ve gotten with SooperLooper and a bit of inspiration.

Now an stupid question (sorry for that)… where can I find SooperLooper? I’ve updated twice my Zynthian v1 but I cannot see it.

Regards, Jose


@smespresati, currently SooperLooper is available in zynthian as a LV2 plugin that you can use for building MOD-UI patches. The "Crazy FX Chain” MOD-UI patch is an example and it’s also included in recent SD images.

In the near future i plan to develop a full integration of SooperLooper, that would add more looping features, as “multiply” mode.



Another little SooperLooper jamming-demo:

Some of you want to share a SooperLooper jamming experience? :wink:



And here is another one:

The beginning is not quite fine, but the resulting atmosphere is interesting … :thinking: :relaxed:

Come on, @zynthianers … none of you want to share a SooperLooper Jamming Experience?



And more … i’m having fun with SooperLooper :blush: