Sorry for the disruption on zynthian services

Hi @zynthianers!

Probably you have noted that ALL zynthian sites have been out of service for several hours.

Last night I was trying to solve again the stability problems with the root server (FYI, a root server is a physical machine dedicated to host virtual machines using some hypervisor technology), and did a mess with the grub configuration. Understanding and solving the problem has been a nice challenge for this morning, but finally it’s solved and i hope stability problems are gone too …

By the way, i’ve learned a little bit about grub configuration and hypervisor parameters … exactly what i was looking for this bored morning :grin:



Yay! Thanks @jofemodo! :+1:

I don’t know the exact constellation of the planets, but it must have to do with this! I currently have also much soft- and hardware problems. Why are printers so big and heavy??? I would like to throw them!

But you are lucky. It seems you do not need to sleep :thinking:

It seems Penguin is aligned with Scorpio & Mars … :scream_cat: :flushed:


Ah, ok. NOW I know why… :rofl:

If only you can arrange for GitHub to go down at the same time then you would put a stop to my incessant reporting of bugs and feature requests :laughing:.


I don’t think this is enough … you would program a local queue system to sync your issue requests when the github is up again. Perhaps you already did it … :thinking:


Eh eh…

I am working on an automatic random bug / feature request reporter… :laughing:.

I would prefer an automatic issue solver :mage: :sweat_smile:


Seems like you spoke too early. Significant outage this morning. At least it meant I had no excuse to start work in the kitchen (after a few hours bug squashing zynstep).