Sort that out MIDI


Set up some pedals as a shift key for an lv2 plugin to modify certain notes and I bet you could input into a microtone tuning layout for aeoleus!

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It is really interesting we can psycoacoustically cope with an equal temperament scale but equally notice the difference between the tuned D sharp/E flat natural tuning in the video.


Sure, it is a real headache if you want to make a MIDI interface for that keyboard…
But as it often happen around here:


Maybe channel 2 for G# and D# and channel 1 for all the other notes in the same idea as if two instruments tuned differently were used to play quarter tones.

But if you just want to play same kind of repertoire with your modern keyboard and synth @Baggypants idea is certainly the best one.


@Baggypants unfortunately aeolus can not handle this for now.
I had never seen such a keyboard :crazy_face:

Not so much a nightmare in MIDI 2.0 :

You just need to play with the “attribute”