Spare part for display port clip

Hi there,
Just received the Zv5 today and was nearly finished building, then this happened. I hope i can just order this plastic clip somewhere, if so, can someone give me a hint what is the exact name of this part and / or where i can order it. Or is there another way to attach the cable to the display slot? Thanks for your help.

Of course i would also buy a collection of spare parts, just need to be sure that this part is included…

Hi @Marwil !

I’m sorry to see the disaster. I also broke some FPC connectors in the past and most of times i got the cable connected with care and some hot-glue. Not nice, but it worked for me several times :wink:

If you are picky and want to replace the FPC locker, you should buy several FPC connectors from some place (digikey, mouser, aliexpress, etc.) and carefully extract the plastic locker to replace the broken one. I don’t have any, sorry. We buy the display totally assembled.

The part itself is inexpensive, about 1-2 euros. The problem is that there are literally hundred of models in the market and choosing the right one is not easy. If you don’t feel comfortable following the “care and hot-glue” way, i could ask my display provider. Perhaps i could get the model number and manufacturer.


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Hi Jofemodo,

Thank you very much for your help. I am not picky at all, so this sounds like a plan. Out of curiosity, and i hope that this is just fiction, in case that i would need a new display, is there a way to identify a display on the market that would fit? I did not see a display in the Zynthian shop, so in the absolute worst case, can i buy only the display somewhere?

The display spacers are customized, but I have spare displays, so I could send you one if needed.



Thanks again, all done and working by now. I have set up everything and already uploaded my sample libraries, it just took me a while to find the multi-timbral MIDI option, but now i am happy and ready to make some music. Will mainly use it with Squarp Hapax, looks like a great duo to me :smiley: