Spark mini...Close but no cigar

I really hoped I could use the spark without any extra sound card, the spark mini sound card USB In (and aux and Bluetooth) adds internally a huge latency and even with very large buffers the sound cracks. So my solution to that was to use a cheap UCA 202 and a stereo to mono jack to go directly to the mono guitar input.
The added value to that if that I can still benefit from all the built in effects and amp emulator that work very well.
The spark mini also has its own battery but unfortunately it doesn’t allow reverse charging so power bank it is.
Just imagine the same portable setup without all these extra stuff and cables.
The sound of this is impressive.
I have mda epiano running and a twin reverb setting on the amp and I’m loving it.


Cool. have fun with this unusial setup.

Have you joined the hallowed club that doesn’t use mains to run a rig…?

What do you mean? I use the main out of the UCA 202.Btw I always discarded the pi headphones out but now that I came to that, is it any better in pi 4 and 5 that it use to be?

“mains” is a colloquialism for AC power.

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Ho thanks, it is probably a useful one to know :slight_smile: