Splitting systemd X11 and zynthian.sh services


Is there any interest in doing ^^? I’m thinking of advantages, and it may allow some slightly improved logging and scheduling.

Also it may help the development experience a little, by leaving X11 running during zynthian restarts.


Hi @steveb!

Can you elaborate a little bit more? Exactly, what advantages? How can improve the “development experience”? Please, be more verbose and give some examples …

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With the X server always running, restarts of zynthian would be a little bit quicker (whether via systemd or running zynthian.sh directly)

Also as separate units the zynthian journal entries won’t be polluted with X11 logging

Service dependencies can be setup so that zynthian restarts won’t affect the already running X, and X restarts will result in zynthian restarting


OK! It has sense, althought it’s not a priority for the project. Of course, you can go ahead with it.
Git fork and pull request, please :wink:

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Cool, I was going to have a crack, just checking first :slight_smile: