Status of kernel version/roadmap?

So I’m experiencing a bit of confusion, because I know that about a year ago I setup Zynthian with a Pi4 and my Boss GP-10 as the sound card for a demo at my local hackerspace, and it worked, but now I cannot seem to make it work on the current version of the OS.

relevant: it makes sense that the card does not work on the current version of Zynthian, because it is using kernel 5.10, and according to the guy who wrote the GP-10 driver, his live patch will only work on 5.11 and it did not get into the main kernel until 5.12.

So, where I’m confused is, I know I got it working once, some time back, but did the kernel get rolled back for some reason in the meantime? Or is there a different repo with a higher kernel version? Genuinely puzzled.

It’s also possible that installing a more recent kernel is just an apt command and I forgot doing the apt command, but I have not located the command in question.

You could try rpi-update.

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That did execute successfully, but it seems to have just broken things, the screen just comes up with the big red error and the webconf is totally inaccessible, it seems.

Lemme know when an upgrade comes to the zynthian kernel, it’s only a couple of points ahead and 5.10 is pretty behind current so it seems like you’re gonna have to, sometime soon. :>

edit: I am vaguely recalling that command though, I suspect that a year ago it worked without breaking zynthian, and that’s how I made this setup functional back then. rpi-update probably upgrades it way way further ahead than it did back then, I would surmise.

You can rollback the rpi-update. Also, you can tell him to install 5.2 or 2.3 or whatever version is available,

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I am astonished at my own incuriosity sometimes. Hopefully it’s not one of the things that increases with age. Faithfully I hope.

Hot damn!

For the future, the specific command I ran to get kernel 5.15 in was:

rpi-update bdb151ac0d54d78dcd105c5a1dbcd31d47bc14d3

Tip o the hat sir, and please let us know when it’s time to send our money for the Pi5 upgrades :>

At this point, the ability to use my V5 as a remote control unit for other Zynthians would be a very handy feature. I do still have my Zynteensy controller built, which is V4 controls, but definitely better would be the ability to control an army of zynthians on the same networm from one unit.


I’ve been twittering on about this for a while it seems a very useful feature in networks and also pi zero remote control panels.
I set the highlight colours on different machines, so I can keep track of which machine is which. Ideally this, copolur would be propogated to the webconf in some way to allow, similar identification on the browser.

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How did I know that @wyleu would jump on this??? :smile:

The software is open source… if someone wants this feature enough then they may learn how to implement it :wink:

I’m not clear on how this would manifest. Would there be a full Zynthian dedicated to just UI and other full Zynthians dedicated to playout? Would you have an extra screen / menu somewhere to select which remote Zynthian you are controlling?

I have avoided pandering to @wyleu’s pestering on this subject because it will be much simpler to implement in a future release where we have full API for the UI (although that is mostly already done now). Also you could just run a VNC client on your controller. I’m sure someone could implenent something… but not me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does the GP-10 give a stereo mix plus audio per string pickup? Does it also present MIDI per string pickup? My GI-1 gives the latter but no audio.

Shucks, surely I must be correct eventuality?

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Yes, is an 8 channel device, and there’s like 5 different audio routing options. I’m just getting up, it’s band day in ten hours.

So yah I love the idea of different colors to indicate which zynth you’re on. And yes, my idea would be, you push one of the custom buttons and the screen flips to the other zynthian’s main screen.

As I said, the v4 controls were easy enough to knock off myself, but V5 would take considerably more doing. :>

edit: Re midi, it does send midi out the USB interface also - right after I got the pedal I confirmed that by loading a piano vst and creating piano notes with my guitar. Having established to my satisfaction that I could now generate piano at will, I proceeded to never use it for such, and eventually I just learned piano like I should’ve when I was like 5 but my family were… tone deaf. I am a Heathcliff in the midst of a bunch of aristocrat wannabes.

Don’t be fooled by the audacious Mediterranean swagger, we are all just nerds in garages really …

I actually really like doing this. I like to disable pitchbend and play riffs on the guitar with string bending that triggers the notes in unexpected ways. I get quite a different result than anything I would play on a keyboard. I would demonstrate but my split guitar pickup was removed from its guitar a while ago and hasn’t been reattached. (I should find time to do that…)