Stuck in boot loop [Solved]

just flashed the sd card, inserted to raspberry pi, nothing attached except hdmi monitor. This screen flashes then turns to black, and repeats every 2 seconds. I have also tried with my scarlet 2i2 connected, no difference.

Can you see the webconf with a browser …?

oh yes i actually could. i guess i need to change soundcard? is there a way to use the built in one?

okey, once i selected custom kit i could start fiddling with different audio interfaces etc. is there a guide to non-kit setups ive missed?

With these settings, i get to the zynthian ERROR IP: screen.
I’ve also tried Wiring: Dummy, same error there

Alright. For unknown reason it has now successfully booted into the UI with
Soundcard: Dummy
Display: Generic HDMI
Wiring: Dummy

But i get no sound (from raspberrys built in audio port) any ideas? :slight_smile:

Soundcard: Dummy

You need to change to internal sound

It’s easy to miss it cos it’s probably in the scrolled down section
Rbpi On-Board Analog Audio.

it popped up with the buster image :+1:


and so the inevitable question :face_with_monocle: raises it’s ugly head . . . .