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Ohhhh!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap: It’s a very fine case design!!! Congratulations!!
Very good work with the case and the mounting … and amazing tutorial in your blog!!

I added a link in the zynthian wiki:

Regarding the 3D printed case … have you published the files somewhere? Would you like to add it to the Zynthian repository?


Thank you for all the compliments! :slight_smile: I am very happy if I can help others. :slight_smile:

Thank you jofemodo for setting the link. This helps me to build up my blog, which is still at the beginning.

The STL data for the case can also be downloaded from my blog. You just probably didn’t find the link because everything is in German. :wink: Link to STL-Files

I plan to make my page bilingual in the future, but that will take some time. But I could translate the article about the Zynthian and put it online. What do you think, would it be a good idea to publish an english version? Maybe on

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Would you like to include it in the HW github repository?

Instructables are perfectly OK and we can link the article from our wiki. Of course, if you want to publish directly in zynthian wiki, i will give you an account (wiki’s register is not open because we have serious problems with spammers.)

Kind Regards,

My custom Zynthian is now working well enough to show you all here.

  • Pi 4 (working great!)
  • v2 controller board
  • Waveshare 4.3 HDMI and GPIO screen
  • Hifiberry Digi
  • No midi ports (everything is USB)
  • Digital audio outs only. No analog audio out. (I’m weird)
  • Old radio case, gutted, with custom front plate (please don’t look too closely at my woodworking skills around the screen)

It’s been a long while getting all the non-standard components working, so thanks the usual suspects here for the forum help and creating this amazing project.

Edit: here’s a sound sample. Pianoteq’s celtic harp set at internal 44100 Hz rate with 32 polyphony… seeing how hot I can get the Pi 4.


Ohhhh!! :heart_eyes: Nice machine, my friend!!

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Although @C0d3man’s tablecloth is clearly superior … :rofl::rofl:


It has a magnificent early radio case look! It Soooo want’s a wire pulled across a glass screen to really give it authenticity, and if you could load up a sample of a radio being tuned the illusion is complete. . . .

Which of course leads us to the matter of a sound sample :face_with_monocle:


Hey everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to posting my Zynthian. Scratch built and installed in some really old analog hospital equipment that already had RCA outputs. I think it’s from sometime in the late 40s or early 50s. Not sure. If anyone knows please let me know!


That is a lovely case! Thanks for sharing. I can’t help but feel it’s missing one tiny thing though.:face_with_monocle:


OMG! IT’S INFECTUOUS!!! :crazy_face:


Absolutley cool! :star_struck:
Congratulations …

Refer servicing to qualified service personnel
Well done, @audiobird!

Enough said.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Very impressive! It has a certain hawkwind feel for me… Perhaps it’s the names… And I love the :face_with_monocle: spreading… :rofl:

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Thanks for the love!

Here’s some loops I did a while back :slight_smile:
I sequenced everything on an MPC1000

first real zynth
and I believe some of you have already heard this next one from a previous post. Also I notice it’s been posted on the wiki - thank you @jofemodo!
Vasculab COMPD

Hopefully I’ll get to mess with the Zynth more soon, I’m nearly recovered from an ear injury I got shortly after finishing it :c

The ppg has a vangelis like emotion
with a more euro feel of course its really interesting to answer the questions of what went where and why… Ii think for many the step from making sounds and polyphonic arrangements like this is fascinating and any insight would be of real interest.


Di you use the “cascara de guaguanco matansero” on purpose or it’s only casual? :wink:

First one from Iceland?

This is at least my first one. Bought a v3 kit. Everything worked perfectly.
Although I switched up the input and output on the sound card. That got fixed quickly.

Here are some build photos and demos.

I use my Nord Electro as a midi + controllers keyboard. I mainly play jazz/fusion/lounge/somethingoranother at small venues so I think I will use the Nord as it is intended but also to control the Zynthian when I want synth sounds. I want to be able to have a minimal setup.

And then first three presets I am satisfied with.

Monosynth + effects

Raffo Monosynth + effects

DX10 pad + effects

Thanks team Zynthian!


Wow, I never expected to have a comparison to Vangelis. Thanks! I’m untrained musically. Occasionally I’ll read some theory but usually I just jam until I find something I like. I usually start with some chords and build a loop from there and eventually attempt to stretch it into a song. I never write anything down either. I’ve notice anytime I try to go for a specific sound or theme I typically end up as far away from that as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

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Definitely on accident :slight_smile:
I used an augmented scale because It’s easily played on the MPC by using only the outer 8 pads. Can you link me what you are describing?

The “Katá de Guaguanco Matancero” is a rithm pattern used by Cuban Rumberos from Matanzas when playing their beloved “Guaguanco”. BTW you used accidentally in your “first real zynth”, 3 times. It’s somethink like:

“Taka tataka tata ta ta” :wink: