Success Cases

Nice build.


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I completely agree! Well done! :ok_hand:

And welcome to the Zynthian forum! Glad to have you here! :smiley:

Wonderfully done indeed, Nicola! A+++++

Ohhh! What a beautiful Zynthian! Congratulations, @Nicolaz!
But … how is the sound? Any chance of hearing some noise from your baby? :face_with_monocle:


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the disease is spreading relentlessly… the coronavirus is nothing in comparison! :rofl:


Sure! Here is some stuff. MDA Piano, a Jump patch with OBXD and a rough multi track sequenced with Novation Circuit and played with Arturia Keystep. The blue box is great!


That ain’t no Keystep… :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right! :smiley:
That’s my Yamaha P115. It’s great to connect the usb cable to the Zynthian and just play. Yamaha took out midi connectors from digital pianos

I can see I’m going to have to load up a chunk of original ( or Humi’s jump as it will now be known, on some poor local unsuspecting zynth for reference use . . . )

Keyboard solo as reference test piece. . . :pleading_face:
Eveshan would have been proud … :man_student:

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Care to run down the Engines with a snapshot file …?

If we got the MIDI file as well, we should be able to completely re-render it :smiley: :thinking:

I saved a snapshot but not a midi. I can play again and post both snapshot and the midi file.

The Novation is purely providing MIDI?

I’ve never played with kit like that, so I’m not entirely sure how far one pushes it . .

:slight_smile: :+1:

Great stuff!

Yes, only midi. I wrote some pattern that i chain manually. Circuit basically works on channels 1 and 2 for synth stuff and channel 4 for drums. At the same time i connect the Keystep and improvise some leads also in channel 1 and synth fx in channel 3.


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Hey guys, is there a complete 3d print or alu design template for Rpi4 with Hifiberry ADC+DAC “classic” case?
I am searching in the Zynthian’s github cases page and can’t find one. I am still studying what route to follow: classic enclosure, building one in wood/metal, 3d printing outsourced service, putting it into a midi keyboard controller…
Thank You for the help and for the Great Zynthian.

Hello everybody! I began to collect my Zunthian. I connected, everything works, except for the sound. Probably not suitable audio card. Here is a photo.



Uploading: DSCN6902.JPG…