Successful build but no webconf acces (solved)

Hi there, received my 4.1 kit today and after assembling for 1,5 hours it booted successfully , I can play, select engines etc etc. Great!! Everything seems to work well. Very happy!
Then I connected an ethernet cable to my computer & typed zynthian.local. I did get the webconf login, but after entering the password ‘raspberry’ it stayed there. I did enter the password correctly because other passwords gave an error message. So, I don’t know how to continue. Any help would really be appreciated!

Some combination of browser/OS/??? have this problem. Could you try with a different browser? You can also try the HTTPS version:


but you will be asked to add a security exception, etc.


Hi @Joost_O. Welcome!

What browser are you using in what

I’m using macOS (latest) & Safari. I’ll try another browser.

Do you have Ethernet plugged in AND wifi enabled ?

No wifi yet. Just the first steps :slight_smile:

Ok guys, in Chrome I’m in. Thanks!

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It would appear then that you are in a perfect position to render up a :face_with_monocle:

Yes and I just managed to get my licensed version of Pianoteq 7.1 into Zynthian. Wow!

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Better, and bettererer !!! … :smiley:

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