SuperBoucle - Loop Sampler

Hi everyone,

Happy Holidays to all !

I was comparing the different options for a loop based setup on linux and found this software :

I’ve started testing it and it’s pretty awesome. Very strait forward and easy to wrap your mind around… but I’m one of those person who prefers not to have any laptop on stage :slight_smile:

Do you think it could be a candidate to add to Zynthian as a generator layer ? I’m not sure how practical it would be, maybe loading presets through the web interface and using the zynthian screen for scenes and playlist switching.

Looking forward to read your opinions.



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If someone built a custom zynth with a bigger screen then it could work. It would feel especially good if it had a touch screen.

Maybe it would be interesting if there was a Zynthian distribution for the upcoming PineTab

I feel that for the size of the screen that is currently shipped as standard an interface more like that on the Boss RC-202 would be easier to manage. Two loops which you overdub and can load preset scenes into.

Apropos of nothing but similar to the tool you found is Luppp

Actually, the way I see it, the zynthian screen would not be used to display clips but scenes instead ; although, it would be pretty awesome to have a grid display onscreen as well. My thought was that the grid display could be left for whatever controller you use (launchpad or akai apc, etc) : it means less ui to code for zynthian and less headaches with different display sizes.

I never thought about using the pinetab for music puposes ; it would make a lot of sens. I guess, one the drawback for me would be the unupgradability. Zynthian being based on rpi means that you can always update to the next version and reuse the older one with any of the billions of rpi based projects out there. For a standalone superboucle setup, I would probably go with a pi and the official Pi Screen if Zynthian is a no go.