Support for native GUIs via HDMI?

I connected an external computer monitor via HDMI. During boot and shutdown, it displays text messages. As soon the Zynthian UI is up and running on the device, the HDMI monitor only shows grey colour and sort of non-blinking cursor. I thus assume there is no support for using external HDMI screens. Can anyone confirm or correct?

What I intended to do was to alter some settings of Aeolus via its native GUI. Is X11 forwarding (or VNC) still the (only) way to go (as described in »Accessing Zynthian from your computer«)? Any pointer is much appreciated.


Hi @christeck!

It can be done, but it’s not currently configured. Most of us prefer to use any computer for accessing with “ssh -Y” or equivalent. I find it more convenient that having a dedicated monitor, mouse and keyboard.


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Thanks for confirming, so I’ll try the Xquartz way.


I have one of those USB monitors that I set in my keyboards music tray.
it would be nice to use it as a second display for uses like Zynseq for the higher resolution. For mice I like to use the a wireless trackball. So I could see some uses for that kind of support.