Synth plugins. No controllers or presets after update!

Hi there.

When I open several plugins f.x. synthv1, Wolpertinger or Raffo I get no presets or controls.

Actually a lot of other ones.

Any ideas?

The lv2 synths, which are the ones you’ve mentioned, need to have the presets in the lv2 format. No-one has taken the time to convert whatever presets are available in the native synth format, to the lv2 format. The lack of controls is just that whoever created the lv2 plugin, didn’t expose the controls using the lv2 extensions.

Is there a tutorial or info on how to do that?

Reflashed the sd.

Did the trick.


After I update I cant see any controllers or presets!

I converted some presets, and found some others.

Stuff these under /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets/lv2 and you should be gold.

Be warned, the Wolpertinger ones are dreadful because I did them.

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On it.

On a related note, do you know how I would put Helm presets I make the desktop PC version?

.helm files

Again, for the lv2 synths you need to convert the presets to lv2 format.

Ah ok. Now I understand.

I’ll read up on it.