TAL Noisemaker Enveloper Editor

TAL Noisemaker is fantastic but the LV2 presentation within Zynthian makes it very difficult to design sounds. The parameters are scattered (randomly) across many pages with rather cryptic names. I have listed these out manually in order to map to MIDI / OSC control. I note that it has an envelope editor but I can’t see a way to configure that from the LV2 interface. Does anyone have any idea how that may be possible?

I think I have answered my own question. The envelope editor graph is represented within the Noisemaker preset as but these are not exposed via LV2. The means that editing the envelope requires the sound be exported to a full graphical instance of Noisemaker, changes made then reimported to Zynthian. (Could be done by editing the config file but that isn’t very responsive in an arty kinda way!) I guess Zynthian (in its current form) is not a (full) sound designer. It may be worth porting the full Noisemaker GUI app to Zynthian to allow full editing, e.g. via X11 over SSH.


Just for the record, Noisemaker has two adsr, one ad and one multi segment envelope.
With this quantity of parameter I can not imagine a comfortable programming directly on zynthian.
But I agree, it would be great if there was a possibility to select the editable parameters.

I would try to make available the plugin’s GUI with X, in the same way that is available the ZynAddSubFX, Aeolus or Pianoteq GUIs.

Jalv project include several graphical hosts, but we are using a modified version of the CLI host. We should implement the needed features in the graphical clients.

Would you like to go ahead with it, @riban? It’s a funny task and a really great improvement for zynthian :wink:


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Hmmm … I was looking at the LV2 GUI and trying to figure out how to launch it on the Pi. I ended up heading over to my Windows machine, firing up Ardour and launching the VST version of Noisemaker to see how it behaved. I will take a look at the LV2 version within a Linux version of Ardour to see if that works then see how they launch it. I am away for a couple of days (watching Nick Cave in Birmingham) but will take a look when I get a chance.

Pot holing … ?

:scream: Really? you don´t know nick cave?

You mean the morbid Australian with the cheekbones…?
Oh yes I know of him. I was, as ever, just playing it for cheap laughs…:flushed:

:grin: this makes it clear that you know him and restores the interplanetary balance.

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He’s up there with Leonard ‘chuckles’ Cohen…


Mr Cohen was indeed discussed by Mr Cave and his audience. It is certainly an art form for the thinkers and feelers.

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