TAL plugins @ linux

Probably some of your know about TAL:


As you can see on the website, some of the plugins have linux versions available. I’ve contacted several times with TAL (Patrick) to try convince him that porting some of the plugins to LV2/ARM could be a good idea. Perhaps some of you want to push with me :wink:



Hi jofemodo and everyone,

first of all thanks for this amazing project! I built my zynthian v3 last year and am tempted now to order the v4 as well to use the more CPU intensive plug-ins without clicks. Regardless, only having dexed already makes this an amazing box.

However… I think the TAL U-NO-LX (a Roland Juno emulation) is one of the best sounding synth plugins ever, hard to get a bad sound out of. This one is commercial but there is also an older version which is free now. Having the classic Juno sound in a zynthian box (together with dexed and pianoteq) would be the dream!

Long story short, what does it take to make this a reality? There are already some TAL plugins available in zynthian, right?

Welcome @jaard to the community.

That plugin is not currently available for Linux on 32-bit ARM architecture which Zynthian uses. You could do as @jofemodo suggests and gently nudge the manufacturer to release a suitable version.

Thanks @riban for the quick response!

OK I will definitely write an e-mail to TAL saying that I would be happy to pay for the synth would it be available for 32 bit Arm architecture.

I had just gotten my hopes up yesterday since I saw the link to a Linux version on the website, but indeed so far it is only a 64 bit VST. Such a shame that zynthian is probably still too niche for the developer to invest time into making it work. Worth a try nonetheless.

We’d also need to build a way to load VST’s as we only deal with standalone or lv2 synths at the moment.