Tape Echo Emulation

ragarding the audio FX not a long time ago I find online delay by Shiro (Shiroverb) it looks like really nice tape echo emulation. Gaffa - MOD Devices
I think it would be a go to delay for a lot of us.
I am not sure if it is easy to implement into zynthian.

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@Vrtel It would interest me too !

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I moved this to its own topic. Gaffa is a commercial plugin. I am not sure how much work there would be to make it available or whether SHIRO allows for such.

We do have Tape Delay Simulation plugin. I don’t know whether this suits your needs. There are also tape filters / effects: Calf Tape Simulator, Gx Tape & GxTape Stereo.

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Oh I see, tried them and they were alright. This one looked more straight forward to me.

I just tried Tape Delay Simulation and it has some flaws, e.g. if you set the tap delay to 0 you get horrible aliasing effect. Of course this is not a normal use but it shouldn’t happen :frowning:

I just see that :open_mouth: :

Can we put it in the plugins list ?

No. It is a VST plugin. Zynthian supports LV2 plugins.

Sorry, my mistake, i didn’t check it well

I just open a ticket requesting for LV2 support. Perhaps you could push a little bit :wink:


Yeah good move :grinning:

thanks !