[Teaser] Arpeggiator nearly ported


this is just a fast teaser. Frank Korber has stripped off the dependency to Qt from his qmidiarp. Now it can be simply used as LV2 plugin. I have to tweak some parameters in the turtle description and check if every thing works fine. Hope to distribute this software the next weeks.

For all who cannot wait: http://qmidiarp.sourceforge.net/ (the images and the description are showing the Qt interface, the MOD-UI interface will be a little bit simpler).

Regards, Holger :musical_keyboard:


These are really great news, @C0d3man!
Having a decent Arpeggiator & Step Sequencer as LV2 plugin is the first step to convert Zynthian in a standalone music production station. A kind of “Open Electribe” … or better … “Open MPCX” :grin:

We can dream off …


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I don’t know if it’s possible but Seq24 would be great!

For using seq24 (or other software) inside Zynthian(MOD-UI) this plugin has to be LV2 compatible. :smirk: Hmmmm - as I wrote this I think I have to explain this a little bit:

Zynthian can handle nearly all kinds of plugin. But there are limitations due to the license, the integration of the user interface and maybe also the plugin type (and of course the availability of the source code because I think there are no binary plugins around which are compiled for ARM/Raspi).

Some plugins have a direct jack interface, some VST, some JUCE, some LV2, DSSI, … For me LV2 is a really nice and open standard for plugins and with mod-host as a plugin-host and MOD-UI as a universal UI for LV2 plugins the possibility of making music with open source software is grown much.

But now the limitations start: If a software is not supporting the LV2 standard, you have to add code for this by yourself (or find someone who will try this). For this you must learn how the plugin generates audio data. This is not really difficult (I have done this for Dexed) but you need to have some experience in programing and you have to learn how LV2 works.

The next “problem” is: MOD-UI has a nice web interface. So using every plugin-UI from the plugin itself (mostly based on X11/Qt/GTK/…) can be dropped. You have to arrange the UI with capabilities of LV2 which MOD-UI can use. For example a current limitation is loading data which is not representable in LV2/MOD-UI - like samples or sequencer patterns of different length.

Coming back to seq24: As I read it is not LV2 compatible. So the whole list of things for getting it into MOD-UI plus an idea how to integrate a flexible UI are on the to-do-list. But perhaps there are other ideas how to integrate it? I can only say: If you want a feature: try do implement it by yourself (with the help of others). I have done this and I must say there are really nice guys around who are willing to answer questions. Also: if you know how to do this you can use the knowledge for further projects.

Regards, Holger

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Hello, Just writting to show my support for this arpegiator because obviously now that I have my zynthian working I’d love to do more than playing with it with one hand at a time and having sth where I could sequence record, play, start, stop from my midi controller sounds like a dream (which would/could become true).

Now for my question… I have a launchkey from novation hooked to my zynthian and I found the programmers guide api.
Essentially it means I can send midi controls (basic or extended), arm, record, etc also the buttons having led’s they are normally used to feedback track status or such …
But I guess some “glue code” or at least configuration file for the midi controls would be needed. What can I do to help write and test this configuration and how will this be possible in mod-ui? Sry if part of my question is a bit stupid.

Hi @cryoshad

I currently have much to do things for having beer in the fridge… and I am working on three plugins at the same time (qmidiarp, setbfree, dexed).

qmidiarp is working. I havn’t tried qmidilfo and qmidiseq. Working means: There are some predefined patterns you can use. You can tune some realtime parameters. What is currently not working is easy creating of new patterns. Currently you have to edit the TTL file. I thought about adding 32 configurable steps to the plugin - this would make editing easier. What you want to have is currently not fully supported - I think for recording, playing back, etc. you should try a combination of qmidiarp, qmidiseq/stepseq and scooperlooper.

Another problem is currently that the plugins are not (temp)o synced. This will be come some times - this feature must be done in mod-host/mod-ui.

I will try to release qmidiarp the next week. For testing and experiments it is quite working.

There are never stupid questions :smile:
If the Novation sends “normal” MIDI events you can try to add it in MOD-UI (button on bottom line) and after adding try to advice MIDI controllers to a plugin (open the edit page of the plugin and click on the bottom-right symbol (faders), choose MIDI-learn and press save, turn the controller).

Regards, Holger

Thank you I will look for the release then… I know that I can use knobs and controls in mod ui… it seems to work fine. when I learn them.
But there isn t currently no such thing as a recorder I think. So well I will see when it comes… Thank you for your time and answers.

have there been any updates regarding arpeggiator in zynthian? would love to use something like that…of course midi synced would be cool :smiley:

Integrating an arpeggiator is on the list and will be done … but i can’t tell you a date. I hope soon :wink: