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Sorry. No, but you can always visit my github linked above

yes of course i have

Pada tanggal Sel, 28 Agt 2018 pukul 22.08 mikael edlund discourse@zynthian.org menulis:

how do I get the settings to apply the buttons in a different way from other machines, the first of my zynthian is not true zynthian, I only have a 7 "touch screen and an audioinjector card so there are no physical buttons. ?

I set the buttons to dummy and the screen to standard hdmi in the web configuration tool, I also have the audio injector and you have to enable input in alsamixer to use the input.

If you want to try my midish engine you have to install midish (to the standard user/bin if I remember correctly) then use git in zynthian-ui folder to sync with my repo and change the branch to midish-sequencer

how can aded ?install on zynthiaan add as enggine?

my encoder no work and waveshare 3,5 lcd model a error splash screen

thank you for your time and assistance, but i can’t login, because it requires configuration settings on the web

It’s the password of the Zynthian’s root.
We saw a SSH connection.
So the problem is PEBCAK


Teddy, if you can login with SSH, then you can access the webconf with the same password, for sure!!
There is no problem at all … except perhaps you are not writing the password correctly :wink:


I’m sorry I don’t understand what PEBCAK is



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test log in my 2 computer webcon zynthian ip adrees pasword : raspberry ( no logins)

1.test my notebook win 10 webcon zynthian ip adrees pasword : raspberry ( no logins
2. my pc destop linux mint no log int
3 my raspberry winth raspbian os logins succes and my ky encoder module ( remove all resistor 10 k) workfine

this my demo video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5n_YED6OOM canot login depault pasword raspberry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3osk5NZNFeM

If you can go to Admin

and select Network it will display the network information.

But the ip address into a web browser.

Do you see the webconf login screen?

You need to do this cos this is where you pick up the sound file you are about to create… :smiley:

when I was fixing a bug for chris (who is using firefox), I had issues logging into webconf as well.
But this had something to do with no ssl and password input. Firefox rejects it.
We should provide a certificate.
I am using chrome without issues so far. But they might change the policy in the future as well.

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Do we get to hear a sound sample?


Well done tedy! Really good to see it working.

But we still haven’t HEARD it working ! :smiley: