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Hello everyone, I wanted to try some Zynthian betas, and I attempted to change repositories in all the dropdown menus and then perform an upgrade. However, I noticed that the system freezes and doesn’t start anymore. I wanted to ask you what the correct way is to change the ‘distribution’. Sorry for my automatic english

Hi @mnovaro

We currently have two main branches:

  • stable - This is the 32-bit release that is the most stable and not changing
  • oram - This is a 64-bit build which is our testing branch

You cannot switch between these because oram only works as a 64-bit build so you must download the oram image from here and write it to a uSD card. You must connect Zynthian to Internet and update after first boot to benefit from enhancements since the image was created last month.

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Yes, I knew this for the 64-bit, but by staying on the 32-bit, can all the repositories that exist be tried for installation? For example, how should one proceed to upgrade the system and include internet radio repositories?

If you want to test new features, you are best moving to the Oram build. We are not developing the 32-bit version any further so all new features will only be built in the 64-bit version.

To switch branches you use webconf SOFTWARE->Repositories to select the appropriate repositories then update. You should use the same named repositories where available or the base repository, e.g. oram.

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Grazie :slight_smile:

@mnovaro, the best practice is too have different SDcards for different system (eg one for “stable”, one for “oram”, one for RaspberryPiOs, …) and to stay on that branch just doing regulary software updates.
Bugfixes only on Stable and all the rest is on Oram.

Grazie :slight_smile: