Test harnesses

Given the introduction of a new image, the issue of testing once more raised it’s head. Can anyone point me at some decent articles that might outline how one might approach this sort of issue and how much existing infrastructure do we have for driving the interface in a mechanised fashion so we can quickly and easily establish what is and isn’t working.

1/ Hardware Tests
Encoder 1 functions increasing
Encoder 1 functions decreasing
Encoder 1 push button

Encoder 2 functions increasing
Encoder 2 functions decreasing
Encoder 2 push button

Encoder 3 functions increasing
Encoder 3 functions decreasing
Encoder 3 push button

Encoder 4 functions increasing
Encoder 4 functions decreasing
Encoder 4 push button

MIDI input test
(MIDI cable from output to input)

Midi detected

I/O pins

(message in display … (press 1/0 button X …))

etc …