[testing branch] VNC strange behaviour (no feedback)


I love the testing branch, but i experimented a strange behaviour with VNC.
When I tweak knob from the Zynthian, i can see feedback on my VNC ENGINE window , but when I change parameters in the VNC window, I cannot see feedback on my zynthian.

Strange, because in “VNC-UI”, it’s working.

Hi @Tabula

Yes that is known behaviour. Zynthian sends control to the plugin/synth but does not listen for its state. We hope to improve that but it’s not on the immediate development list.

Strange because in the last stable branch, it was working, I used it frequently

That is odd! I’ve never known the reverse path of control feedback to work. We added a mechanism for this recently in the audio player. Please let me have an example of a configuration that this occurs, e.g. a snapshot file or description of chain. I will then check during regression and migration testing.

My bad, I just tried with the last stable and it’s the same, no feedback. I think i didn’t see it at that time because I only tweaked with VNC, and save preset via VNC too.

Thanks @riban, @jofemodo and thanks to all the contributors for the new testing branch, the UI seems incredibly clear now, love the mixer !