[testing branch] What happened to the preset save menu?

After updating testing, I can’t for the life of me find the menu where I can save the current settings of the synth in an LV2 synth chain as a new preset. I’ve tried clicking back from the layer parameter pages, which brings me to the preset select list, where I can rename and delete a preset by bold clicking it, but not save it, as well as bold clicking Select to get to the Chain options menu.

I seem to recall there being a [Save new preset] entry in the preset select lists, but right now I’m not so sure…

Am I going crazy or has the feature mysteriously disappeared? It was working very nicely after having been implemented in the spring (https://github.com/zynthian/zynthian-issue-tracking/issues/614)

Hi @ricard

We are working on the chain manipulation at the moment so things are a bit fluid but we moved the individual engine manipulation (including save preset) to a submenu:

  • Bold press SELECT in mixer or control view to access chain options
  • Highlight the engine (synth, effect, etc.)
  • Press SELECT to access a context menu for that engine

I am updating the docs but this is still a work in progress…

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Thanks @riban for the pointer - found it now - so I wasn’t going crazy after all. :slight_smile: Sounds like a better place for it the chain options menu,;with the old location it was too easy to accidentally load another preset, erasing any edits that had been made.