Testing USB MIDI controller input to Zynthian


I have a custom USB MIDI controller I have plugged into Zynthian. I have tested on Mac with Garageband it works with that so i’m assuming the hardware is OK. It emits drum sequences.

How do I set this up with Zynthian? I see it is detected:

root@zynthian:~# aplaymidi -l
 Port    Client name                      Port name
 14:0    Midi Through                     Midi Through Port-0
 16:0    MIDI Exercycle                   MIDI Exercycle MIDI 1

Looking at the Admin > Test MIDI option in the GUI, this seems to test MIDI output by playing a midi file, but I need to test MIDI input into Zynthian. The device is MIDI Exercycle last on the list.

Can anyone suggest a good way to test? Maybe I just have my ports/channels set up wrong.



Seems MIDI data is getting through:

root@zynthian:~# service zynthian stop
root@zynthian:~# service jack2 stop
root@zynthian:~# amidi -p  hw:0,0,0 -d

89 2A 00
89 24 00
99 2E 4F
99 24 50
89 2E 00